Wannier Berri

a code to calculate different properties by means of Wannier interpolation: Berry curvature, orbital moment and derived properties.

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  • speed - it may be upto 1000 or more times faster then postw90.x : comparison

  • extensive functionality – see Capabilities (incomplete list)

  • felxibility – may be used with Wannier functions and tight-binding models

  • use of symmetries to reduce evaluation to symmetry-irreducible k points.

  • fast Fourier transform

  • Recursive adaptive refinement for enhanced accuracy.

  • Fermi scan and minimal distance replica selection have no cost

Please cite

  • Stepan S. Tsirkin. High performance Wannier interpolation of Berry curvature and related quantities with WannierBerri code. npj Comput Mater 7, 33 (2021). (Open Access).


Link to detailed Documentation


Tutorials in Jupyter notebooks are available on GitHub


Install via pip (PyPI):

pip3 install wannierberri


Stepan Tsirkin, Ikerbasque Research Fellow at Materials Physics Center, San Sebastian, Spain.

Contributing to the code

WannierBerriis a free open-source projec, under the GNU public Licence v2, and everyone is welcome to modify the code to better match one’s own needs. Contributions that might be useful for general public are encouraged to be submitted via pull request to the gitHub repository.